Russell Brand leather pants filming brand x hat He goes through girlfriends quicker than Nicki Minaj changes wigs!

Russell Brand spent his Sunday filming his TV show Brand X in LA, and we caught the British bad boy holding hands with a mystery blonde! Who's the lucky lady Rusty Rockets?!

His ex-wife Katy Perry is still going strong in her romance with John Mayer, so we have a feeling the Forgetting Sarah Marshall funny man is grasping for any girl that makes him forget about his pop star ex.

Following reports that he ran over a homeless man's cart with his Range Rover last week, the lanky lothario is denying the claims, telling TMZ, "I didn't hit him. Look at the footage. I was driving along, there were some things [in the road], so I helped pick them up. I do run people over quite a bit. Two or three times a week I like to do a running over."

He's hilarious even when he's clearing up rumors!