barrymore230.jpg So adorable!

Drew Barrymore is showing off her baby girl Olive in the newest issue of People, and we can't believe how much the little one looks like her mama!

The Big Miracle actress admits that becoming a mother has been the happiest but most nerve racking time of her life.

"I couldn't eat or sleep for two weeks, I was just so nervous!" she revealed, adding, "You have the highest of highs and yet you're facing the biggest fear of, 'How do I keep someone alive?'"

For the former wild child, it has been a long road to stability and a happy home life, and that's something she couldn't be happier she's providing for her own offspring.

"I really wanted a wonderful traditional home for my kid. Will comes from a strong family, he provides a strong family... It just makes me so emotional because it's like a miracle," she gushed.

She sounds like she was truly made for motherhood!