Gwen Stefani  leather leather pants sunglasses boots gavin rossdale blazer Opening Ceremony

From Zara to her own L.A.M.B. line, Gwen Stefani shops just about everywhere, and yesterday she dropped into Opening Ceremony to peruse the racks of clothes for a few gems ... or perhaps for a few Christmas gifts?

When Gwen's not indulging in a little retail therapy, she's all over the place, and in the new issue of Vogue she discusses the balancing act that is her life.

"Ten years ago, I had started L.A.M.B. because I was preparing myself, knowing that the music thing was going to end," she says. "Who knew that ten years later, I’d be doing a No Doubt record, be married, have two kids, have three clothing lines? All at one time! It would be ridiculous to do that. And it is ridiculous. It’s impossible. So I think a lot of what I was going through on the rec­ord was wanting to be who I’ve always been, but now I’m somebody different. I am a mother. And if you don’t do it right, there are serious consequences. That’s what this whole record was: trying to balance it, trying to be my creative self but also be the new me."

Based on what we've seen, she does an amazing job with all of the above!