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Not only are Kim Kardashian's leggings a bit on the sheer side, but is she even wearing underwear? Or did her butt cheeks swallow up a thong in the time it took her to walk from her car to the gym?

When the 32-year-old reality starlet isn't busting her booty at the gym, she's constantly keeping us updated via Twitter and Instagram, but after recent changes with the privacy of the latter social networking site, Kim might be deleting her account!

"I really loved Instagram :-( I need to review this new policy," Kim tweeted the other day. "I don't think its fair." Kim is Instagram's top user with approximately 5,726,343 followers, so maybe they will re-think their policy! (Earlier in the week, Instagram announced that the addendum would allow them to sell user photos to third parties without getting permission or compensating the user, but Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom later apologized for the "confusing" language and said that the company has no intentions of selling photos.

What else has Kimmy been doing? Cosmo E-I-C Joanna Coles tweeted, "Guess what @KimKardashian and I did yesterday... cc: @Cosmopolitan" and posted this photo from their cover shoot: