stewart-intv-230.jpgKristen Stewart chatted with The Huffington Post about her new film, On the Road, and she opens up about why she decided to take off her clothes in the indie flick, which hits theaters on December 21.

On her decision to bare all, K. Stew says, "Actresses love to stand up and say, after they've shown their t*ts in a movie, that it was done tastefully and that it was, you know, far from gratuitous. I mean, projects that really require it are really few and far between. And I think that in this case, it needed to be. This book celebrates being alive and it celebrates being human, and if you want to cover up and deny any aspect of that, you are denying the spirit of the book. I think that it would have been so wrong to shy away from anything in this movie. I think that I would have gotten flak for that. I think that it would have been that I was scared to disappoint my Twilight fans or something."

The 22-year-old actress continues, "And I do hate also when people go, 'Oh, wow, great performance. So brave.' Oh, because I'm naked? That's very annoying. But at the same time, if that's what they're focusing on, then On the Road probably isn't for them anyway."

So what's next for K. Stew? When asked whether she will be starring alongside Ben Affleck in Focus, she replied, "I can confirm that rumor. It's a comedy, I'm really excited about it, we start shooting in April." Anything else? "Not yet. I would love to find some microproject before then, because April is kind of a ways away, but not yet, haven't been 'taken' yet."