Mila Kunis rome italy paul haggis cell phone mad angry smile jacket subway Who are you giving the eyes, Miss Mila?!

Mila Kunis kept busy filming her new movie The Third Person in Rome today, and even though the actress seemed a bit worn out, she still managed to flash us a grin in between scenes!

The Paul Haggis-directed film is centered around three interlocking love stories involving three couples in three cities: Rome, Paris, and New York. In addition to Kunis, the film also stars Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, James Franco, and Casey Affleck.

Just the other night, the Black Swan star and Mr. Franco attended their director's Artists for Peace and Justice charity event in the Italian captial.

Between work and charity events, it's surprising the brunette beauty has had time to spend with her beau of six months Ashton Kutcher! Every second the Two and a Half Men actor hasn't been on set lately, though, he's been overseas squeezing in quality time with his lady love.

Maybe now that his ex Demi Moore has a new man, Ashton is finally free to move on!