quentin-diane-460.jpgChelsea Clinton nyc quentin tarantino museum of modern art

Last night Quentin Tarantino was honored at the Museum of Modern Art, and everyone from Diane Kruger (who starred in his film, Inglourious Basterds) to Chelsea Clinton were in attendance.

Kruger and Peter Bogdanovich gave speeches praising the writer/director/actor for his vision, and Bogdanovich told the crowd, "A Quentin Tarantino picture is exactly that: It's all him. It's all his. Dynamically, viscerally, excitingly his. An unmistakable signature. And he has had a remarkable influence over American and foreign movies since Pulp Fiction burst on the screen in the mid-'90s. Indeed, I would say he is the single most influential director of his generation."

Bogdanovich added that he had just seen Django Unchained the previous night, and he considered it Tarantino's best work yet. "I'm still shaking," he remarked.