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boots Shenae Grimes 90210 crying leather jacket tired boyfriend tattoos

Ahh, young love! And there's nothing like the smell of smoke from your beau's cigarette blowing in your face...er, well...

Shenae Grimes, 23, and her fiance Josh Beech, 24, were spotted in Hollywood yesterday, and even though the duo have nailed the dirty hot hipster look, they are pretty cute together!

Grimes confirmed their engagement on her website earlier this month, writing, "Thanks for all the congratulations everyone, I’m a very happy lady indeed and all the warm wishes are well appreciated! We plan to keep our special day very private and we hope everyone can respect that. Thanks for the love, right back atcha!"

Grimes and Beech started dating in the spring of 2012 ... wonder when they plan on walking down the aisle?