boots jeans lax airport Vanessa Paradis sunglasses Is someone eager to get out of town?

Vanessa Paradis jetted out of LAX solo on her way to Paris yesterday, and the French actress kept a low profile as she strolled through the airport in jeans, a parka, Uggs, and sunglasses. We have to wonder if she left children Lily Rose and Jack with dad Johnny Depp?

If she did, we bet they were with a babysitter last night, as the Pirates of the Caribbean actor took the stage alongside Alice Cooper to perform several songs with the rock music legend at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A.

Dapper Mr. Depp isn't the only one who can have a career in Hollywood! His former partner is currently filming Fading Gigolo in N.Y.C. with Liev Screiber, Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, and Woody Allen.

Maybe Miss Paradis was just making a quick trip back to her home country for a visit before she was due back on-set?

Check out Johnny's performance in the video below!