sunglasses lax airport jacket Bradley Cooper  a team Peek-a-boo, we see you!

Bradley Cooper jetted out of LAX today following his appearance at last night's Golden Globe award ceremony, and the Oscar-nominated actor looked as if he was trying to go incognito through the airport in a hat and dark shades. Doesn't he realize that when you're in one of the year's most critically acclaimed movies, anonymity is going to be a bit hard to come by from now on?

He's one of Hollywood's hottest A-list stars, but the good news is that he's still on the market, ladies! The Silver Linings Playbook star just shot down rumors that he's dating his co-star Jennifer Lawrence, so we can't wait to see which starlet will snag this bachelor next!

Rumor has it that Olivia Munn has set her sights on him, but we think he needs a gal with a little more star power!