Brandi Glanville  Drinking and Tweeting  book signing real housewife leann rimes shoes

She certainly knows how to get our attention!

A super skinny Brandi Glanville struck a pose at the signing for her book Drinking and Tweeting in West Hollywood on Monday night, and the Real Housewives star also chatted about all the drama in her life right now.

During the Q&A portion of the event Brandi was asked about -- what else -- her arch nemesis LeAnn Rimes, and she held nothing back! "She can go f*ck herself!" Brandi told the audience. "Well, she has to, because who would want to?" Ha! Shortly after those words left her mouth, she did show some remorse, as she told the crowd that she sometimes thinks about what she's said after the fact. "I have a conscience. I definitely feel bad about certain things and when I'm wrong I say sorry," she said.

So what about her marriage to Eddie Cibrian before he left her for LeAnn? "I did everything right," she said. "I loved so hard. I loved my children and my family was perfect. I did everything I could do for him and the boys and to make him not want to stray. So, when it happened, especially with someone as attractive as her..."

"When a man cheats on you it's not about you," she continued. "It's about notoriety. They want to be with you but they want to have their cake and eat it too." But she added that she hopes LeAnn and Eddie can stay together "because I don't want my kids to go through a divorce again." Ouch!