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driving Matsuhisa Carmen Electra gun ring smile blonde Travis Barker driving Matsuhisa bentley drummer musician blink 182 tattoo

Last night Carmen Electra and Travis Barker had a hot dinner date at Matsuhisa, and the duo slipped out the back of the restaurant just before 11pm in separate cars. Travis came out first, and Carmen, sporting a large gun ring and long black nails, couldn't seem to contain her excitement when she drove off!

An X17 photographer in the scene tells us:

    "They were being really careful not to be photographed together but a waitress at the restaurant told me they were together inside and obviously on a date - it was the two of them at the table together and no one else."

And Carmen just looooves her tatted up rocker boys! After divorcing Dave Navarro in 2007, she got engaged to Korn guitarist Rob Patterson in 2008, but the duo called off their engagement in 2012. And let's not forget about her first hubby, NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman...

So does this mean that Carmen and rumored beau Simon Cowell are no longer "people who date"? Back in November Carmen appeared on Access Hollywood, and when asked if she had ever smooched the British music mogul, she replied, "Maybe. Maybe. He's so cute. He's adorable, he's actually a sweetheart. I really like him, I think he's very cool."

Is this Carmen's revenge for Simon spending New Year's in St. Barth with a bevy of beautiful women, including his ex-fiancee Mezghan Hussainy and some hot unidentified blonde?