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Channing Tatum touched down at JFK airport yesterday, and the hunky actor was all smiles as he made his way through the terminal. Why wouldn't he be? He's had a huge year both professionally and personally!

Not only did he star in the smash hit Magic Mike and countless other blockbusters, but he also nabbed the coveted title of People's Sexiest Man Alive and discovered he was going to be a first-time father!

Now that wife Jenna is pregnant, the Side Effects star is starting to develop a few fears about his biggest role yet.

"I don't think there's one thing that doesn't terrify you, but in the most unbelievably beautiful way. Someone said it's really like watching your heart jump out of your body and run around, and I think that can possibly be the coolest thing that I've heard of," he recently told E! News.

He sounds like he's going to be a great dad to his future little one!