becks-st-germain-230.jpgDavid Beckham has signed a 5-month deal with Paris Saint-Germain soccer club.

The French club made the announcement at their Parc des Princes soccer stadium on Thursday, and Nasser al-Khelaifi, the team president, said in a statement, “We’re very happy to welcome David Beckham to Paris Saint-Germain. He will be joining for five months until 30 June.”

David added during the press conference, “I consider myself to be part of this club in the future – in helping this club to grow … in helping the French league to grow and also helping this club to be one of the biggest powerhouses in football. I haven’t spoken French in quite a few years … I’m going to have to brush up on it.”

So where will his family be residing for the next five months? “My wife and children will be staying in London because the children are in school there.”

Becks previously played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and most recently, the Los Angeles Galaxy.