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Eva Longoria birkin tight jeans heels maldef sunglasses non profit

But shouldn't it be the other way around? Either way, she looks amazing!

On Tuesday afternoon Eva Longoria went to a meeting at MALDEF (The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) in downtown Los Angeles, and after that she sped on over to Beverly Hills to get her hair done by BFF Ken Paves.

So what else is the former Desperate Housewives starlet up to these days? She tweeted today, "I'm hosting a star-studded show at @kencen the night before inauguration honoring Latino arts & culture!"

Longoria will be joined by George Lopez, Mario Lopez and Rita Moreno on Sunday January 20 for the 2013 Latino inaugural celebration, and she said in a statement, "Latinos played a critical role in this year’s elections and helped tip the scales in President Obama’s victory. But we are not waiting another four years to make an impact on our country’s future,” she said. “What better way to establish our presence at these inaugural celebrations than by showcasing the beauty and diversity of our culture at the nation’s premier performing arts center."