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Jennifer Lopez is currently in New York City to promote her new action flick Parker, and the 43-year-old actress struck a sexy pose on the way out of her hotel on Tuesday evening.

Earlier in the day J. Lo chatted with USA Today about playing a bankrupt divorcee and the how she bounced back from her own divorce. "What I needed in that moment was (to know) that it all gets better" she said. "You just have to hang in there. It gets better. When (director Taylor Hackford) first called me (about the role), I wasn't thinking about divorce at all. Suddenly it happened and my whole world fell apart and then I had this therapy of this character. Everything happens for a reason. It's true. It actually is true."

On her own spit from hubby Marc Anthony, J. Lo said, "I felt in that low place. It was the worst time in my life, as well. (Emme and Max) didn't know anything. They're starting to figure it out now, a year and a half later. They were just 3 at the time."

So what did she have to say about her new beau, Casper Smart? "He's a nice person. My life is really good right now. I'm at a point where I'm able to make decisions based on what I really want to do. I'm making decisions based on what I feel, which is never wrong no matter what the outcome is."

What will she be doing next with her career? "I'm going to focus on films right now," she said. "I'm working on a new album but I feel like I have more time on that. I might do a Christmas album. This is going to be my 10th album. It has to be great or I'm not putting it out. I'm never not working on music." Speaking of film roles, after checking her out in this getup, we have to say, she'd make a great Catwoman!