kris010413.jpg Mama bear sure is protective!

After a storm of nasty tweets following Kim Kardashian's Las Vegas nightclub appearance on New Years, her momager Kris Jenner is coming to her defense!

Twitter users were blasting the pregnant reality star for partying in Sin City, and the family matriarch decided to put everyone in place by retweeting a message to her Facebook account.

"Kim Kardashian is 32 & she's pregnant, but y'all hoes be 16 with 4 kids and no baby daddy... & y'all calling her a slut? PLEASE, have a seat," she posted.

Although the message got hundreds of positive comments, Mrs. Jenner claims she wasn't responsible for the sentiment.

"I just wanna say that I didn't write the status about Kim K pregnant, u hoes be 16... blah blah!" she wrote, adding, "Ugh! I'm not like that... and... Never thought I would do such a big impact with it!"

All the haters don't bother the famous family at all, actually!

"I'M SO HAPPY FOR KIM AND KANYE, and everybody's free to say whatever they want :)" she added in a parting shot.

Don't mess with the Kardashians, or you will be put on blast!