Lady Gaga and her little sister spent five hours getting tattooed at Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood over the weekend, and we're not sure what she got this time around, but we're guessing she'll share a snap on Twitter any minute now!

In other news, it's being reported Gaga is looking to pull a Lana Del Rey and make the transition into movies. "She's decided to go from a pop star to a movie star. Gaga thinks that if she gives up the crazy rock 'n' roll lifestyle, Taylor [Kinney] will propose," an insider told the National Enquirer. "Gaga is actually a traditional girl and wants to settle down."

The tabloid also reports that Gaga is planning on winning an Oscar within the next five years! Hey, it's always good to set goals, but if her first major film role is going to be in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills, she might not want to put such a strict time limit on things...