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Lindsay Lohan JUST boarded a flight to Los Angeles from New York's JFK airport moments ago with her mom Dina, headed to the west coast for her scheduled court date tomorrow, contrary to previous reports.

The actress' new attorney, Mark Heller, notified the court Tuesday that Lindsay would NOT appear, as ordered, due to illness. He submitted a doctor's note saying that Lohan's upper respiratory infection prevented her from flying.

A source tells X17 Lindsay's dad Michael is begging his daughter to take back attorney Shawn Holley and ditch Heller. As Heller isn't licensed to practice law in California, Lindsay's LA troubles may prevent the New York-based lawyer from representing her here anyway ...

Tomorrow is a pre-trial hearing for Lindsay's probation violation case for which she entered a not guilty plea via her former attorney, Holley, in January. This case -- just one of many pending legal matters for Linds -- is regarding the case of her lying to police in connection with her car accident on PCH last summer.

Word of advice to Lindsay ... beg for Shawn Holley to take you back!