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Lindsay Lohan is now in court alongside lawyer Mark Heller and mom Dina Lohan.

The 26-year-old starlet is being accused of lying to police following a car accident last summer. As a result, Lilo was ordered to court on a probation violation.

Lindsay tried to get out of this morning's appearance at the Airport Courthouse by claiming she had an upper respiratory infection. Judge Stephanie Sautner didn't buy the excuse.

Keller replaced attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, whom Lindsay fired last year.

UPDATE: Lindsay's next court date will be March 1 at 9am.

Lohan is not expected in court for the pre-trial. However, she must appear for the trial which will begin on March 18.

The judge said to Heller: "Every time we set a date for pre-trial, your client flies across the country. we don't do pre-trials by fax."

The judge says her probation remains revoked.