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Hard to believe Lindsay Lohan was only paid $100 dollars a day to film The Canyons!

In a New York Times interview with the movie's director Paul Schrader, he reveals that Lohan was paid "$100 a day and an equal share of the profits, but no vote in decision-making', with the sex scenes described as 'non-negotiable'."

In the interview with NY Times writer Stephen Rodrick, the director admits that the 26-year-old starlet was terrified with the racy scenes in the movie which included a four-way sex scene. To make her more comfortable, the 65-year-old director says he took off all his clothes.

Rodrick, who was granted access to the set to watch the filming, recalls:

    "Lohan dropped her robe. Schrader shouted action, and they filmed the scene in one 14-minute take. About halfway through, Lohan looked directly into the camera and flashed a dirty, demented smile at Schrader."

Before filming on The Canyons even began, the director admits that Lilo was fired then rehired. Rodrick references the moment Schrader threatened to fire Lindsay.

    "Lindsay said she couldn’t make it today, and I told her that was fine, but I have an actress in Paris waiting by the phone."

The NY Times story goes on to say that "Lohan panicked, and showed up at Schrader's Los Angeles hotel, pounding on the door to his room, sobbing and begging him to take her back for 90 minutes in the hallway."

The movie had a budget of $250,000.