nickvanessa011413.jpg What a good looking family!

Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa made their way through LAX airport with infant son Camden yesterday, and parenthood clearly agrees with the couple, who were all smiles for their travel day.

The 98 Degrees singer and his brood took a weekend trip back to his native Cincinnati, where they spent some time with his family and enjoyed all the local traditions.

Based on the new mom's tweets, it sounds like the whole clan is splitting their time evenly between L.A. and Ohio, which is what they said their plan was following the birth of their baby boy last year. "Back in Cincy!! Taking down our Christmas decorations and eating Skyline chili coneys.. of course!" she wrote.

The pair bought a home next to Lachey's brother Drew in October of last year, and they seem to be enjoying the West Coast and the Midwest equally.

"[Vanessa has] really growing to love Cincinnati, it's obviously not L.A. or New York but it's a great place to raise a family. It's where my family is and it's kind of her family now, and we're loving it. I love the idea of raising kids in the Midwest, where the values are good and I love the idea of raising my kids next to my brother. That's kind of that brother dream. We're gonna grow up and have houses next to each other. Our kids are going to play in the back yard together," Nick recently told Access Hollywood.

Raising your baby away from the Hollywood craziness is a good idea!