Russell Brand scarf slippers yoga beanie sunglasses sweatpants

Another day, another odd outfit!

Russell Brand headed to his yoga class in Los Angeles on Friday, and the British comedian wore a blazer, zippered sweatpants and a rather cozy looking pair of slippers. Not exactly what most guys would wear to yoga, but we're sure he's still getting plenty of attention from the ladies despite his goofy getup.

In other news, Brand is asking a judge to dismiss a negligence lawsuit filed against him by a photographer who claims Brand hit him with his car last January, resulting in several injuries. Victor Sneed filed the suit in October, and he's seeking money for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

In court documents, Brand cites that any run-in was the result of the plaintiff's own negligence, and if he was hurt, it was the "direct, proximate and sole result" of his own "physical bodily condition and constitutional composition."

Brand also notes that Sneed "failed to take adequate measures to minimize...delays, damages, expenditures and extra costs, if any were incurred." Brand's legal team states that Sneed was employed at the time of the accident and entitled to worker's compensation in California, therefore their client shouldn't be held liable for any damages.