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Could there be trouble in paradise?

Ryan Gosling unwound at Laurel Tavern last night, and the hunky actor spent the evening hanging out with a bunch of ladies, none of whom were his girlfriend Eva Mendes! Although one of the women looked a lot like the Gangster Squad star's lady love!

We haven't caught the couple together for some time now, and it's a little bizarre that the Crazy, Stupid, Love star was out on the town without his girlfriend, even though she was in town! We just caught Miss Mendes strolling through downtown L.A. with a female friend on Saturday.

He's arguably one of the most desired men in Hollywood, but the Canadian hottie doesn't agree with his sex symbol status!

"I'm as uncomfortable with it as I am talking about it. I know just from being a guy and looking at a billboard and you're like: 'That guy's not a sex symbol. They're trying to sell that on us? No way! That's never gonna stick.' And then suddenly he's like a huge deal and you can't believe it. I used to hate on those guys and now I am one," he told Metro recently before adding, "You show me someone who really thinks that and I'll show you a liar. It's not true."

You are a bona fide babe, Mr. Gosling, and we are not lying!