Spencer Pratt is currently locked up in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but fans are speculating that the reality star's phone may have been hacked or stolen, as his Twitter account is still very much active. Or um, maybe Spencer's been tweeting all along?

He wrote, "Listen, tweeps, keep calm and carry on. This is perfectly explainable. I have been allowed to tweet as a plot device in the season," and later added, "Surely, the tabloids would have a field day with the contents of my phone, their cup o' tea.... Thanks for the concern. No hacking here. Actually it's good I found my phone. Contacts, pictures, all sorts of things some1 might want."

Additionally, the above photo of Heidi was posted to the account, and he wrote, "Some have suggested that this is NOT my phone. To them, I share one of the many photos of my lovely wife Heidi."