They were all glammed up last night, but after getting just a few hours of sleep and some makeup remover, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez practically look like they're doing the walk of shame!

The Spring Breakers co-stars, who spent Sunday afternoon getting ready for the Golden Globes together, were spotted leaving Vanessa's pad in the valley late on Monday morning looking like they needed coffee and a hot shower. Hawt!

But what's with these two spending so much time together lately? Is Vanessa trying to set Selena up with a new man or something? Or did they really bond that much last year on set? At one point during the Globes last night Vanessa, Selena and the other hotties from Spring Breakers posed for pics with V's ex, Hunger Games hottie Josh Hutcherson. Wonder if V's trying to play matchmaker now that Selena is done with Bieber? After all, V and Josh still seem to be on good terms...