bynesaptbehavior230.jpg We're seriously starting to think she has completely lost her marbles!

Amanda Bynes was reportedly evicted from her N.Y.C. apartment last month after tenants complained about her marijuana smoking, and now her former neighbors are speaking out and divulging all the bizarre details surrounding the actress' behavior.

"Her door was left open all the time. And we saw that she put red [lightbulbs] in every outlet," the neighboring tenant revealed to the New York Post.

As if that wasn't weird enough, the former Nickelodeon star also displayed concerning emotional instability.

The source describes witnessing the 26-year-old appear in the building lobby "at 2am one morning, laughing hysterically for four minutes." Odd!

Let's not forget all the strange pictures of herself she uploads to her Instagram account, her multiple hit-and-runs last year, and the whole tanning salon debacle!

This seems like Britney 2.0 in the making!