It's about time Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner made a red carpet appearance together!

The duo posed for photos at the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday evening, and Jen showed off her slimmed down bod in a purple Gucci dress, while Ben looked quite dapper in head to toe Gucci as well.

So what were their red carpet preps like? "It was mayhem at our house. Our daughter was in a spelling bee at the local rec center," Jen told E! News. "I was in hair and makeup so I couldn't take her, so Ben took her in the middle of everything. She won! Our family has already had a great day, so congratulations to our sweetie. And then she had a basketball game. Life goes on. No one really cares! It's just all about trying to keep the dogs and kids from getting stuff on the stuff."

"I was more nervous at the spelling bee than I am now, I don't know what that says," Ben added. "There was a lot of words. Let me tell you something, you and me might have been in trouble. We belong in the stands."

When Ben was not nominated for his work directing Argo, he did receive a nod as a producer, as the film is nominated for Best Picture. Think it'll win?