billie-joe-armstrong-230.jpgAfter going to rehab last September, Billie Joe Armstrong has given his first post-treatment interview to Rolling Stone.

The Green Day rocker opens up about his alcohol and prescription drug abuse and what made him decide to get finally help. "I couldn't predict where I was going to end up at the end of the night," Armstrong says. "I'd wake up in a strange house on a couch. I wouldn't remember how. It was a complete blackout."

But it wasn't until Armstrong's bizarre meltdown at the iHeart Radio Music Festival last fall that he realized he had a problem. When producers at the concert turned on a "one minute" sign left for their show, Armstrong began shouting and smashing his guitar on stage. "I'm not f*cking Justin Bieber, you motherf*ckers," he yelled. "Let me show you what one f*cking minute means."

Armstrong says he only remembers "tiny things" from the incident, adding, "The next morning, I woke up. I asked [my wife] Adrienne, 'How bad was it?' She said, 'It's bad.' I called my manager. He said, 'You're getting on a plane, going back to Oakland and going into rehab immediately.'"