We got our first peek at Britney Spears' new hair color at Elton John's Oscar viewing party on Sunday evening, and it looks just as good off the red carpet!

On Tuesday afternoon Brit and her bodyguard were snapped running errands in Calabasas, and the pop princess wore a button down, jeans and some cute brown boots to go with her new brunette hue.

We're not sure what inspired the change, but according to her colorist, Brittany Hunter, the "Scream and Shout" singer had been thinking about it for a few weeks. Hunter told E! News, "We wanted to make sure she was going to be committed to it before we made the change as it can be a difficult process going from light blonde to brunette. We started the process on Thursday and then finished it up on Sunday. We wanted to make sure the color was going to stick and it wasn't going to fade ... She was just ready for a change ... I do think she will stick with it. She seems very happy."

We think she looks great, and the good news is she won't have to go in as often to have her roots touched up. Everyone wins!