Did someone indulge in a little too much tiger's blood?

While the rest of Hollywood was at the Dolby Theater attending the Oscars last night, Charlie Sheen was at home mocking the ceremony in a series of bizarre Twitpics!

In one snapshot, the Anger Management actor posed with an iPad down his pants and a packet of vegetables and captioned it, "I'd like to thank Bikram my Yoga teacher. and "Argo" for finally spelling my name right. c #BenIsSmart #Ware'sMatt?"

We're not sure we get where he's going with that!

Another photo shows him clutching a trash can while smoking a cigarette on the floor with the caption, "I'd like to thank Pfizer for all things being PERFECT!!! c #hashgag911 #gashSlag119 smashFlag... mom?"

That sounds like a shout out to the pharmaceutical company, but is he also implying prescription drugs were being consumed? We're so confused!

Whatever was going at Casa de Sheen last night seemed like one wild time!