roserotated022013.jpg All the Rosebuds will have to wait a bit longer!

After Amber Rose's baby daddy Wiz Khalifa shared a snap of a fetal monitor on his Twitter account yesterday with he caption, "Coming soon!", all their fans got excited that the stork had finally appeared, but not so fast!

"My due date isn't until Feb 24th & this is my first baby so he may come early he may come late but either way he'll be here soon - Muva," the pregnant model tweeted this morning.

Apparently, the couple was just checking up on their bun in the oven during a routine doctor's appointment!

We should have known Miss Rose hadn't popped yet, because she has been adamant that she and her rapper beau will be doing a home birth.

"I don't want no medication. We take home birthing classes to teach us how to do it, and we're gonna have our midwife, and when the baby's head comes out, he's gonna be Dr. Wiz. He's gonna be the first person to touch the child. No doctor's, no gloves," she told an L.A. radio station earlier this month.

Baby Wiz watch has officially begun!