Eva Mendes stripes ryan gosling vet dog denim Eva Mendes stripes ryan gosling vet dog denim

On Tuesday night Eva Mendes was spotted taking Ryan Gosling's dog George to the vet in Los Angeles, and given how late it was, it doesn't seem like the pup was there just for his shots. He seemed pretty alert and Eva even gave him a treat after hopping out of the car, so hopefully everything is ok!

When Ryan was promoting Gangster Squad last year he chatted with UK's Independent, but rather than discussing the film, he mostly gushed about his four-legged friend, calling the 11-year-old dog "the great love of my life."

Ryan, who has brought the pooch to numerous sit downs, told the mag, "I wanted George here today, you know, doing interviews with me. Normally, I take him everywhere, I have special paperwork so he can travel with me wherever I go. Can we just talk about George?" Awww!