Jason Trawick jacket mohawk haircut britney spears aventin aventine after hours We guess he's not the type to sit on his couch with Ben & Jerrys and cry!

Jason Trawick stepped out for dinner at Aventine restaurant in Hollywood last night, and Britney Spears' former fiance was all smiles as he met up with pals for a meal. The newly single agent seems to have undergone a post-breakup makeover, as he was sporting a new mohawk haircut and looked uncharacteristically stylish in motorcycle boots, jeans, and a leather jacket.

The 41-year-old must have enjoyed his guys night out, because he didn't leave and head home until 3 a.m.!

He might not be engaged to Brit Brit anymore, but if you believe the rumors he's still enjoying sexy time with the pop princess! "She [Spears] and Jason have slept together since the split," a source told Life & Style.

So why did they call it quits to begin with?

"Before, they were always fighting about getting married and having kids. They're getting along much better since not being engaged," the source adds.

Something is making Mr. Trawick grin...