It looks like a bad imitation of an old Britney Spears video, but for some reason, we can't stop watching!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's new promo for The Client List has hit the web, and the two-minute clip features the actress singing a cover of the Peggy Lee hit "I'm a Woman" while stripping down to her skivvies, writhing around on a stage and getting pelted with buckets of water. Hot!

Of making the song a teaser for the show, J. Love told Entertainment Tonight, "I had a dream about it in the middle of the night," adding that she's been a huge fan of the song from the Broadway musical. The track was produced by American Idol's Randy Jackson, and it's available on iTunes.

There's no doubt that J. Love looks (and sounds) pretty great, but is it just us or does her chest seem a little smaller than what we're used to? After all, didn't her nickname used to be Jennifer Love Huge T***?