She usually wears so much boring black, white and beige, it's refreshing to see her rocking a bright red blouse!

On Tuesday Kourtney Kardashian was spotted running errands in Calabasas, and the reality TV starlet later tweeted a video of the entire Kardashian family having a meeting at their home. Maybe she was picking up some goodies for their get together?

Kourtney recently revealed that she's lost just about all of the 45 pounds she gained during her pregnancy with daughter Penelope, and while she may work her butt off at the gym, when it comes to snacking, she definitely indulges! "Lately I've been obsessed with these little gluten-free animal crackers that I give Mason," she told Us Magazine. "They're called KinniKritters. Mason and I bake a lot too, but we make healthy things, like gluten-free cupcakes. I love to eat the dough!"