tomcruise021513.jpg This could get nasty!

Tom Cruise is suing Life & Style magazine for libel to the tune of $50 million after they published a story claiming the actor had "abandoned" his daughter after his split from wife Katie Holmes.

As part of their case, defense for the publishing company have demanded details about the 6-year-old's "mental and emotional state", as well as exact details regarding Cruise's contact and visitation schedule during that time period.

They didn't stop there, either!

L&S also requested to know "the role that Cruise's membership in the Church of Scientology played in his decisions regarding his visitation and communication with Suri," in the legal documents.

Cruise's camp is fighting back with their own demands, though! Lawyers have asked for information on "Bauer's policies and practices with respect to obtaining information, paying for sources, verifying the credibility of sources with whom the writers and editors haven't spoken."

If the case makes it to trial, it will be heard in court next year at the earliest.

Let's hope both sides have nothing to hide!