Hot mama!

Molly Sims is currently on vacation with some girlfriends in Mexico, and the former Sports Illustrated cover girl showed she's definitely regained her model physique by posing in a skimpy black bikini for an Instagram shot.

"Finally bikini ready & pulling out those @SI-Swimsuit poses, just in time for my bestie Lauren Kucarak's bday!" the blonde beauty captioned the picture.

The Kentucky native, who gave birth to son Brooks back in June, gained a whopping 65 pounds during her pregnancy, but has shed almost all the baby weight with a "no salt, no oil, protein-heavy' diet, Bikram yoga, and private training sessions with Tracy Anderson.

So was bouncing back from having a child as easy as it looks?

"I'm jealous [of women like Claire Danes]. I wish to God I could have done it that way. But my body just didn't. And I'm so happy I have an amazing, happy, healthy, gorgeous, Buddha-like son, but I wish it would have been easier. I tell my husband, it made me depressed a little," she recently confessed to Us Weekly.

We think you look simply stunning Miss Sims!