Pink is opening up about her sexuality, fashion sense and her on-again-off-again-on-again relationship with Carey Hart in the latest issue of Redbook.

The 33-year-old songstress tells the mag:

    "Well, I was always considered butch. Feeling beautiful to me is when I feel good in my leather pants and my husband grabs my as*. Or when I’m sitting on a mat and my daughter runs to me with complete joy. Beautiful has never been my goal. Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love. It’s about joy. And there’s such joy now.”

As for reconciling with hubby Carey Hart back in 2008, Pink adds:

    “Eleven months after we broke up, he asked me to fly to Las Vegas to perform on New Year’s Eve at his club. I wanted to see him. And I looked hot. There’s something about breaking up with someone — you just look hotter than you ever did before. I will never look as good as I did those six months after we broke up. Never!"

The "Try" songstress says she also interacted a lot with Carey while wearing his favorite bra and panties. Works every time!