sunglasses Brentwood County Mart Reese Witherspoon skinny jeans heels She has such classic style!

Reese Witherspoon left her kids at home to take care of some errands at the Brentwood Country Mart yesterday, and the Oscar winner looked like a walking J.Crew advertisement in black skinny jeans, heels, and a light blue button down.

Just the other day we caught the Walk The Line actress heading to the gym, and clearly her workouts are paying off, because she's back to her hot pre-pregnancy bod!

She might be thrilled about getting her shape back, but a lot of her glow is also due to happiness these days!

"I feel very lucky to get this second chance. I've never had anyone like Jim in my life, someone who told me how committed he was to making me happy and secure in life and always being there for me. Before we got married, he told me that he was going to take care of me and show me what a good man he would be... He's a really good person," she gushed to Glamour.

Love looks good on this gal!