lohan-pch-crash-230.jpgLindsay Lohan may have been drinking before crashing her Porsche last June on the Pacific Coast Highway, and prosecutors are now offering her a new plea deal, according to TMZ.

Apparently police found a bottle of booze next to Lohan's vehicle, but despite the fact that her breath smelled of alcohol, cops did not perform a field sobriety test. Lohan then lied to police and said she wasn't behind the wheel, which landed her back in court, as it was a violation of her probation.

The Santa Monica City Attorney is reportedly set to offer Lohan 60 days in a residential rehab facility, which is four months less than the initial offer. Additionally, the City Attorney wants the 26-year-old starlet to attend more AA meetings and complete extra community service. Lohan is reportedly allowed to do community service in New York City, and it will be closely monitored.

None of this seems all that bad for Lohan, except for the fact that the Los Angeles City Attorney is also involved in the case, because they were attached to Lohan's probation violation for her jewelry theft. TMZ reports that the L.A. City Attorney wanted the actress to do jail time for the probation violation, so it's not clear whether Lohan will get off easy or be sent back to the slammer.

The plea bargain meeting will take place today, so we'll keep you posted!