rusty-jason-460.jpgRussell Brand Jason Segal sunglasses car ripped jeans

Who knew these two were BFFs? Guess they've stayed in touch since filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 2007!

Over the weekend Russell Brand was snapped picking up Jason Segel in his black Range Rover, and the guys looked thrilled to be spending time together. Maybe Jason will set Russell up with a nice lady? Or are these two going to be working on a new project together?

Speaking of work, Russell recently confessed that starring in the Arthur remake back in 2011 was not one of his best career decisions. “I didn’t know a lot about script construction," he tells The Sun. "I know more now. I was just embracing things enthusiastically. I thought I could do anything. I felt a little bit bruised [after the bad reviews]. I felt I’d made a mistake.”