travis-barker-plane-230.jpgTravis Barker has apologized to fans for his decision stay home for the Australian leg of Blink 182's upcoming tour, as he is still too traumatized to fly following his terrifying plane crash in 2008.

Travis wrote on Facebook, "I still haven't gotten over the horrific events that took place the last time I flew when my plane crashed and 4 people were killed, two being my best friends. I gave the band my blessing to take another drummer if they still wanted to do the tour without me. I hope to come to Australia again some day perhaps by ship if need be. Unfortunately, there wasn't a boat that worked with the schedule this time around. Once again I'm sorry to all the fans."

On September 19, 2008, Barker's Learjet 60 crashed while taking off from Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina, and four people died, including Barker's close friend and assistant Chris Barker, along with two crew members and a security guard. Barker suffered second and third degree burns, and though his friend Adam Goldstein (nee DJ AM) also survived, he died of an accidental drug overdose a year later.

Barker has not flown since the accident, and he usually relies on sea travel to get around. After all that he's been through, we don't blame him...