Amanda Bynes tweeted the above photo on Sunday, which shows off her dramatic new hairstyle and heavily painted face. Bynes simply captioned the pic "Wink ;)" and didn't offer any updates on her life, which we're far more curious about these days.

Amanda reportedly moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion, but aside from posting odd self-portraits, tweeting harsh words to Jay-Z and reportedly acting up on and off the streets, we're not sure what she's been up to!

However, after studying her Twitter feed over the last month, it does appear as though she's recently adopted a pet ("I just got a puppy named Jasmine! I can't wait to show pix!"), started a new fitness program ("I'm on that 24 hour walking diet"), then injured herself ("Walking with a limp") and found a new crush ("If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls").