gwyneth-paltrow-self.jpgGwyneth Paltrow covers the April 2013 issue of Self Magazine, and the actress chats about her diet and how going gluten-free has made her less irritated about everything. Funny, because when we cut the carbs, we get decidedly more grumpy...

On going g-free, Gwynnie says, “You feel lighter and your emotions get smoother. [Before the diet, I] had a lot of unexpressed anger. I made everyone else’s feelings more important than my own. I’d suck it up and then be alone in my car yelling at traffic or fighting with hangers in my closet when they got stuck together.”

Of course, Gwyn is currently promoting her new cookbook, It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great, so of course she's trying to convince us to buy it to follow her footsteps when it comes eating healthy.

She explains that she decided to make a change after hitting a low point a few years ago. “I had to sing at awards shows, which was fun but stressful," she says. "I’d have a Guinness and a beta-blocker every time. I also was constantly getting on airplanes, trying to knock myself out with sleeping pills and wine, waking up, trying to sweat it out with exercise and a steam, and then working really hard all day. Eventually, I had a panic attack. My body was like, ‘What is happening?’”

"My doctor, Alejandro Junger, recommended that I cut out basically everything: dairy, sugar, gluten, anything processed. I was like, 'What the f*ck am I going to eat now?'" she says. "That's why I made the book: to stop eating brown rice out of the fridge because I didn't know what else to eat -- it was demoralizing.

"I probably eat this way two or three times a year for three weeks at a time. Past that, I'm not willing to make the sacrifice. Life is about balance," she continues. "It's good to work in healthy food, whether it's five days a week or five meals a week. And if you're going to do it, it should be awesome food you're psyched to make. But never cut out the brownies or the wine."

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