They must have been itching for a change!

Kim Kardashian debuted blunt bangs on Twitter today, and the reality star seems pleased with her new fringe in the snapshot! Just the other day, Kimmy's big sister Kourtney took the plunge and chopped whispy bangs. We guess they really do everything together!

The pregnant reality star wasn't the only one fussing with her 'do, though! Demi Lovato is no stranger to changing up her look, so it doesn't surprise us in the least that the X-Factor judge spontaneously decided to chop off her tresses recently to a shoulder-length cut with side bangs.

The "Heart Attack" singer showed off the results in a Twitpic, and without the long dark extensions we barely recognized her! Also, we doubt it's anything, but is that a ring we spot on her wedding finger?!

Now that Miss Kardashian has bangs, maybe she can finally stop subjecting her forehead to laser hair removal!