Sooner or later she's going to have to hit up A Pea In The Pod! Maybe that's why she's been doing so much shopping over the last 48 hours?

On Friday Kim Kardashian indulged in a little retail therapy on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood, and the pregnant reality starlet covered up her baby bump with a high-waisted skirt that hit her right under the boobs. It's not the worst outfit she's worn, but she doesn't look very comfortable, and she couldn't stop fussing with the hemline on the garment.

And the shoes? While plenty of pregnant women wear heels well into their second trimester (Victoria Beckham wore six-inch Louboutins to the royal wedding in 2011 when she was 6 months along), sooner or later Kim's feet are going to swell up so much she's going to have to give it a rest! Maybe she's trying to make the most out of her wardrobe before she uh, outgrows it?