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He has really been her rock while R-Patz is away!

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner decided to have some fun on their day off with a trip to the batting cages in Studio City, and the Twilight co-stars seem to better friends than we originally thought!

This isn't the first time we've spotted them hanging out, as they attended Marcus Foster's concert at the Troubador together earlier this month. All that time on-set must have built a fairly substantial bond between them!

The usually shirtless hunk is used to doing physical stunts for movies, which is maybe why he had no problem testing his abilities off-screen by jumping a yellow parking post while the On The Road star looked on in awe.

It's been widely reported for some time that K-Stew and Robert Pattinson are dunzo, but reps for both parties have never confirmed or denied the claims, and now there are crazy rumors flying about the brunette bombshell's love life!

OK! is claiming the actress has a big night planned for her maybe-boyfriend when he returns from filming in Australia. "Kristen's got a very special night planned for Rob when he gets back!" a source told the mag before adding, "She told him she wants him all to herself in the first 24 hours he's back. He'll be jet-lagged of course, but she's got a relaxing night planned with a bottle of wine, pizza, and the two of them. That's all they both want."

Then there's the whispers she's taken up a lady love!

The Enquirer reports that our favorite grungy gal has taken a liking to Katy Perry's assistant Tamra Natisin, and that she's ready to use the word "girlfriend". "It's obvious to all of her [Kristen Stewart's] friends that there's a romance brewing between them. They arrived together and spent the entire night talking to each other, ignoring everyone around them... After a few hours, they left together. Lately, Kristen and Tamra have been spending all their free time together," sources claim.

Forget the Twilight saga, Kristen's romance saga is way more interesting!