lohan-back-in-court-230.jpgLindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller appeared at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles this morning to ask Judge James Dabney to dismiss her latest case, which is a probation violation stemming from Lohan lying to police about crashing her Porsche on the PCH last June.

As expected, Judge Dabney denied the motion to dismiss Lohan's case, and when he informed Heller that the motion should have been filed earlier, Heller tried to blame "procedural deficiencies" on Lohan's previous counsel, Shawn Holley. Since no plea deal has been reached, the case will head to trial on March 18, and Lohan's attendance is mandatory.

Heller tried to move the trial date from March 18th to April 1, but the Santa Monica City Attorney noted that they were prepared to begin on March 18, and that they had no "good cause" to push the date. Heller again asked for an extension, stating, "My client would benefit by having an opportunity to have that additional period of time so that we can pursue certain avenues that we are endeavoring to pursue to benefit her." Judge Dabner responded that there was still "no reason" being shown to move it, and he denied Heller's request for a motion to continue.

Judge Dabner also stated that he is "somewhat concerned" that Heller does not have proper guidance from local counsel, as Heller is not licensed to practice law in California and he does not he have experience with criminal cases. Judge Dabner added that if there was no disposition on or by the 18th, Heller had to bring another attorney on to work with him (one who has "some experience" with California law), or Lohan must come in and waive her right to have attorneys competent in California law and procedure representing her.

On Wednesday Heller appeared in court to strike a plea deal with prosecutors, but neither side was able to reach an agreement. The Santa Monica City Attorney was reportedly set to offer Lohan 60 days in a residential rehab facility, along with AA meetings and extra community service, so Lohan would have been able to avoid jail time if she accepted the deal.