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Mick Jagger purple sweater the rolling stones skinny 69

Mick Jagger was snapped leaving lunch at Il Piccolino in West Hollywood on Tuesday, and he may be getting up there but he's got plenty of spring in his step! Then again, the Rolling Stones singer is dressing more like a grandpa than a rock star these days, so maybe he should get lady love L'Wren Scott to help out with his wardrobe?

In other news, Mick's ex-wife Jerry Hall is trying to get full ownership of Downe House, a $15 million London pad which has been her home since they split in 1999. Even though Mick has an equally nice place across town, it's being reported that he hasn't made up his mind about the paperwork and things could get ugly.

“It is a source of increasing concern to her as she gets older,” a source told The Telegraph. “When she broke up with Mick in 1999, it was assumed that he had given Downe House to her as part of the settlement their lawyers thrashed out, but, to this day, his name as well as hers still appears on the official documents as the registered owners.”